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Geoffrey Rush will voice Tomar-Re in Green Lantern


Geoffrey Rush will voice Tomar-Re in Green Lantern

Geoffrey Rush has signed on to provide “Green Lantern” character Tomar-Re a voice, according to CinemaBlend.

It almost seems weird to have new casting news about “Green Lantern”, seeing it’s coming out June 17 of this year; movies are generally going into post-production this close to a release date. But, the news is still here. In any case, Rush will provide the voice to the alien Green Lantern who is Hal Jordan’s (Ryan Reynolds) teacher in the ways of the Green Lantern ring.

Tomar-Re, who is also a scientist, will be totally rendered using CGI, so we won’t see any part of Rush onscreen, as you’ve probably already deduced. In fact, there are a number of Green Lanterns, such as Killowog, who are rendered in such a fashion.

“Green Lantern” follows Hal Jordan, a test pilot, who becomes the first human inductee to the Green Lantern Corp. after a dying member gives him his ring. Also starring Blake Lively and Peter Sarsgaard, the origin film is one of the DC stand-alone films Warner Brothers will make before tackling the “Justice League” film.

Are you excited about the addition of Rush to the cast? What do you think of the film thus far?



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