CinemaBlend has the first look at Caesar from the upcoming “Planet of the Apes” revision, “Rise of the Apes”. In the picture, we only see Caesar’s eyes, so there’s not that much to judge. But the parts that we can see–like skin and eyes–are all well done, overall. Hopefully a press picture will be coming out soon, as this picture was snapped at CinemaCon.

Caesar, who is played via motion capture by Andy Serkis, is an ape that is central to the story of the film. He’s the ape who, through scientists’ experimentation with genetics, acquires the ability to speak. This is great for while, since this is the desired outcome intended by the scientists (one of them played by James Franco), but Caesar also decides to take control of the humans and free ape-kind, creating the Planet of the Apes we come to know.

As a “Planet of the Apes” fan, this might be good. Keyword being “might”. At one point, I thought Tim Burton’s “Planet of the Apes” might be good, but soon realized my reservations were correct. So, as a fan, I’m trusting my reservations this time. But what do you think? Serkis did such a wonderful job as Golllum, do you think he can do the same work as Caesar?

Caesar In Rise Of The Apes
Caesar In Rise Of The Apes

By Monique Jones

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