More news on the “Cars 2” front: there are two new pieces of video going around, one being a clip of Michael Caine’s character, Finn McMissile, on a spy mission, and the other being a “Tim and Eric”-esque “retro” used car commercial. The car ad is great in its awkwardness and “Why is this happening?” quality, and the actual movie clip is great and shows the inspired ideas that makes Pixar great.

Like the writer for SlashFilm said, I’d like to watch a whole movie about the car salesman, because the viral video is made with such humor and expertise that it’s a great piece of storytelling in and of itself. And, to me, it’s much more interesting than anything in the world of “Cars”.

If I may inject my own two cents here, I’ve never been a huge “Cars” fan. The whole idea of a world run by cars leaves me cold, especially since there are obviously human-made things like buildings, gas stations, roads and highways, stadiums, etc. To me, “Cars” just doesn’t work as as family-friendly film because of this reason. Now, if it was a family-friendly film that actually addressed the post-apocalyptic world these cars have to be in for this to make sense, then I’d be all over it. But as it is, the film series is just “fine”. With that said, the clip we get from the sequel does look pretty awesome, if only because Pixar knows how to make a good film, no matter who or what’s the main character.

You can view the two videos below. What do you think? If you like the “Cars” franchise, what makes you drawn to it?

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By Monique Jones

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