Over the weekend, Lady Gaga’s much-anticipated cd cover for “Born This Way” was released. The singer released tweets in preparation for the release, and the picture released: Lady Gaga as a motorbike.

Once the photo was released, a firestorm of opinion were released, most of them being negative.
From the opinions on her facebook page, various websites, and other social media, many people–her fans included–have been left confused, some even angrily so.

There’s a lot to dissect with this album cover, especially since Gaga herself is extremely proud of it. This blogger comes from an art background, but you don’t have to be familiar with art or photoshop to see that this cd cover looks cut-and-paste. The font choice doesn’t help matters either. But because of the quality of the cd cover, many of her fans are now speculating that the released picture is a fake.

Also, many of her fans are questioning what being a motorbike has to do with the lyrics to her song “Born This Way”, which is supposed to be about self-esteem and empowerment.

The picture of the cd cover is below. I ask you: do you like the “Born This Way” cover? Why or why not? Sound off in the comments section below (FYI: I was a Gaga fan at one point, so no lambasting, please.)

Born This Way by Lady Gaga
Born This Way by Lady Gaga

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By Monique Jones

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