Well, last night was the night.. “The Voice” debuts with a smash! Yes, the verdict is in and millions of viewers absolutely love the new singing sensation show. The four icons of music rocket the show performing the classic hit song “Crazy” by Gnarls Barkley. With all the publicity that has been flashed into our retinas over the past few months, one would hope that the show wouldn’t fall short of greatness. No need to be disappointed… because “The Voice” has lived up to all expectations. “The Voice had a jamboree of fun and energetic movements throughout the entire show with aesthetics and dialogue. Regardless of the actual talent of some performers the show stayed continually inspiring. It is good to know that the business world of entertainment is changing in some respects. As in, “it aint over tell it’s over”, if you got the chops and can hold an appeal, there’s money to be made. Nomore retiring in your 60’s. Look at Steven Taylor, I mean he still a flippin’ pimp. Hey, for those who are up and coming that’s all good news, time will end but dreams live forever… so never stop believing in your dreams, at least that is the concept of “The Voice.” There is enough out there for us all and it’s all in fun.

Finally looks like “Idol” has someone to give them a run for their money. Tuesday nights just jumped up to a better class of television for regular channels. The two hour show of “The Voice” was filled with nonstop entertainment, mostly from the battling banter between the coaches. In which i believe is the key element to the show. Blake Shelton and Mr Cee Lo Green appear to have a bit of a fiercely friendly competition. To quote Blake as he wars Cee Lo for one of the competitors, “Why would you choose him, he may come in wearing a Batman suit one day.” A jab to the ribs for Cee Lo, but Blake was all class and in spirits of the competition. Adam Levine and the Queen herself Christina have a rivalry happening that will hold your attention. Christina Aguilera is just plain sizzling and Adam is like that talented, quick witted buddy, that if anyone messed with, you would stomp a mudhole up their keister. In between all of this chaotic playfulness, you have Carson Daly. Carson meets with and interviews the talent just before they take that walk down to the gallows. Where during the performance in a private area, Carson consults with the family and friends as they watch the talent perform on a big screen TV Differently worth the watch, “The Voice” will grab your attention and hold it.

There is still a whole lot of show bubbling in the mix. Each of the coaches have three time members and each need eight total to have a complete team. From that point of having completed the teams, the show gets better and better, the team members wage civil war. There can be only one singer left to represent a single coach, decisions will be made and so forth and so on. Sounds cut throat… sounds like an explosion, if you missed “The Voice” this Tuesday past, do yourself a favor and catch the new hit wonder. “the Voice” this coming Tuesday May 3rd, 2011. For more info check it out:  www.nbc.com/the-voice

By Shawn Murphy

Blake Shelton
Blake Shelton

By smurphy

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