With a name like “Tres Mts”, the name in a sense would be self explanatory. At least when you take three grunge rockers who have proven their mettle in the music bizz. What happens when Jeff Ament (Pearl Jam bassist), Dug Pinnick (King’s X Bassist/Singer) and Richard Stuverud (Fastbacks Drummer) get together and make an album. Well, read the headlines or better still pick up the cd and listen for yourself… here’s what you get, a kabob of tasty sounds, starting with psychedelic guitar rifts, juicy fat bass lines and rock hard down beats. Mike McCready, renowned guitarist of Pearl Jam fame is also in the group cuttin’ up guitar strings with Pinnick adding his knife-like edge.

The album “Three Mountains” starts off strutin’ a smokin’ rockabilly rock and roll cocktail called “My Baby”. My soul was speaking to me in another language when that song flared on my scene. I mean it was a full-on combustion of here we go. Song after song, my attention was right there. When i heard “Holes In The Road”, love making 101 happened, leaving me exhausted praying for more. Every song packs a different wallop, however the album stays consistently gelled. For instance, the track “Makes Me Feel” has a Jefferson Starship “White Rabbit” quality, just as the tune “She’s My New Song Reprise” has got to be a song concocted by a voodoo priestest from the bayou, wild baby. This whole album is sick, a movie sound track waiting to happen. So any indie film makers out there trying to make an awesome flick, the sound track makes up a large part of a Kick-ass movie. It is refreshing to know that some of the old schoolers are still out there keepin’ it real.

The band Tres Mts album “Three Mountains” was released earlier this year March 8, 2001. The group has toured the U.S., including a play date at “South By Southwest” and has made an appearance on the Jimmy Fallon Show. That is where it all began with me, because before i had seen “Tres Mts” on Jimmy Fallon i was basically clueless. If your a fan of Pearl Jam, King’s X or Fastbacks.. there is no going wrong. Chemistry and strength lives in the melodies and that goes without saying.

Visit www.facebook.com/tresmts or www.tresmts.com for more info.

Trust me, you would want this cannon in your arsenal.

By Shawn Murphy

Three Mountains
Three Mountains

By smurphy

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