The sleek and sultry sounds of sweet Montreal techno artist “Grimes”, covers hit techno beat “R.I.P” from Bikini. Grimes makes a wonderfully surreal depiction of Bikini’s “R.I.P” electric tune. Her angel soft voice connects with the dreamy reverbed beats like the wind blowing leaves. To reach out and touch the heavens is an emotion expected. Grime’s “R.I.P” remix is a smooth flowing river laced with a catchy repetitive drum beat. For all techno heads who love expressing free movement of the body with grace, Grimes brings it. Cue the lights, hit the fog machine button and raise your arms to the skies above. Grimes magnetic voice captures rays of sunshine and the particles of rainbows that flash in the night.

The tech duo “Bikini” did right by placing Grimes on their upcoming EP “RIPJDS 12” remix. Like my momma would say, “An angel in your hand is always an excellent bet for good luck”.  

If you would like to see more of Grimes check out her clip “Vanessa” @ You will also get a little treat with a clip of “D’eons” soulful tech jam “Transparency”, in which Grimes directed.

But wait, the cats out of the proverbial bag, so hold your horses… this review is not done. There is more to Bikini’s June 7, 2011 new EP release then Grimes’s “R.I.P” remix, that’s simply chocolate sprinkles. The duo’s “RIPJDS 12” remix EP features remixes from Win Win, CF CF, Houses and Dreamboat. Bikini’s  “American Mourning” Win Win remix is very much alive with a great euro beat resonating the keyboard sounds through and through. If you love electronic beats and that feeling of euphoria, all in all this soon to be released EP is a winner.

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by Shawn Murphy


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