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Meredith Bragg Puts Indie Bands to Shame with Nest


Meredith Bragg Puts Indie Bands to Shame with Nest

These days in order to be a top artist within the world of indie music, you have to have a bit more than a sad soul and bruised ego. Who is to blame for raising the bar? Well, other indie bands who are able to express a symphony of instrumental sounds within a track and effortlessly incorporate vocals that are both haunting and soothing within the tune. The checklist for an admirable indie band has become more extensive as the years pass. The bands might be making it more taxing for themselves to gain fame, but they are irrefutably making tracks that are emphatically impacting the listeners.

So, aspiring indie bands, blame your music woes on Virginia-based songwriter Meredith Bragg. Working with longtime collaborator and producer Chad Clark, the multi-talented artist will release his forthcoming album, “Nest”, on July 19th via The Kora Records. With Nest, Meredith drew inspiration from John James Audubon and Renaissance architecture, but his biggest influence resides within his family.

Since his sophomore album, “Silver Sonya”, Meredith broadened his musical palette by incorporating sounds from other musicians, instruments and digital devices on “Nest”. This mix was unquestionably the correct move. We are able to justify this view from hearing the first single, “Birds of North America.” The four minute track will keep you reeled in to the very last second, predominately due to the spontaneity of the instrumental beats alongside the swift sounding vocals.

Indie artists might already be upset with Meredith Bragg, but we can guarantee you the release of “Nest” will keep those tears coming.

by Lonnie Nemiroff

Meredith Bragg Nest

Meredith Bragg Nest

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