The autographed Pretty Reckless debut album, “Light Me Up”, is officially freed from our hands. We can guarantee you this album is just the start for this revitalizing grunge band, led by Taylor Momsen. As a music fan to have to give away this promising legendary album is a bit upsetting, but entirely still worth it. Taylor Momsen has swiped her “Gossip Girl” image away and in that honor, it would only be right to give “Light Me Up” to one of you ShockYa readers.

We asked you tell us the most reckless thing you have done. We kept it pretty open with either it being a story about a rebellious and adventurous stunt or one about disobeying your elders. It was your call, but our decision to make in the end. Congratulations, xshadyx, we are passing the iconic tunes onto you. Dying you hair pink takes guts, but not as much as shaving all your hair off. We commend you for never letting others inhibit your desires. If you were this rebellious at 14 years old, we can only imagine the other tumultuous things you have done in your late teen years.

Warning, check out the winning story below, only if you are not easily corrupted. We don’t want to be responsible for any daredevil actions involving teenager’s hair.

by Lonnie Nemiroff

The Pretty Reckless CD
The Pretty Reckless CD

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