You often hear us complaining about the overwhelming sensation that is brought on by tunes that are overflowing with electronic elements. So we are proud to say that we have found an electro-pop group that knows how to balance genres in their tunes and to no surprise, they are foreigners. The Icelandic group, FM Belfast, took our hearts hostage with the release of their debut alum, “How To Make Friends”, back in 2008. We have not sold our soul to the electronic devil, but we definitely found a group that could tempt us to cross that path, especially once we purchase their sophomore album, “Don’t Want To Sleep”, on June 21st via Morr Music.

“Don’t Want To Sleep” was written and recorded by FM Belfast with help from guests Retreo Stefson’s Unnsteinn Manúel, Borko’s Borko and Eiríkur Orri Ólafsson. The lead track off the album, “New Year,” is available now for download and sets the standards for “Don’t Want To Sleep” pretty high. The single showcases the wide range of talent FM Belfast harbors. The harmonizing of female and male vocals work irrefutably on this electro-pop track by making each chord and verse flow precisely to the next. The technological beats are present in “New Year,” but the jarring sounds that typically come with them are not strident at all. They situate themselves enjoyably within the track, bringing attention to the creativity behind them, but also channeling your attention to the vocals of the tune. The right mixture of the ingredients in “New Year” has baked a musical cake full of buoyancy.

It feels great to no longer push away a musical genre from our playlists. So we advise you to do the same. Download their latest track and let FM Belfast remind you just why MTV placed them on the “International Bands To Watch” at this year’s SXSW.

by Lonnie Nemiroff

FM Belfast
FM Belfast

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