In today’s economic times it can be tough making a dollar out of fifteen cents. Hell.., with gas prices the way they are most people can’t even rub two coins together, let alone piss in a pot. Trying to save money and have some sort of an enjoyable life without going broke? Well, you could stay at home and shoot rubber bands at your television all night, shouting next channel!! Yea, that has its fun moments, but definitely can be a “Donnie Downer”. If you truly are a music lover and dying to see a live show no matter what, here’s a solution. Stop taking them beatings lying down and throw yourself a concert party!!! “Music, Music… I Hear Music”, yep that’s what yours truly did this past Saturday night and it was a huge success.

For this music journalist, taking initiative and inviting a few good buddies over for a “King’s X” kickoff bash, was one of the best ideas I’ve had in a long time. Now, of course it was nothing to crazy or to fancy for that matter, just a few good “Buds” who like to have a chill-laxing time, without feeling the pinch in the pocket and tearing up my crib. The important thing here is, responsible good times… make for fond, impressionable memories.

It is extremely necessary to create the whole concert experience. The atmosphere must be impeccable, from dim lighting to the volume set at a considerable level. However, if your living situation does not allow for the volume to be on surround sound super blast mode, then a reasonable level will be acceptable. These simple steps will insure you a sensation of excitement and adventure, so one does not have the feeling of being at home, yet you are at home type of thing. This effect is basically giving you the best of both worlds, (1) no pushing and shoving from a mob, (2) no jockeying for a better view and (3) no one spilling a drink on you. Instead you are in the comforts of your own element, laid back, in the dark, feet propped up, with cocktails and the proper aroma floating in the air. How good does that sound?? Hunh? Sounds like good times so far…, it sure does to this guy.

“Welcome to the first church of rock and roll!!” Let us get started on our tour with the Governor’s of Rock, King’s X and their “Live Love In London” DVD. The 2 hour jammed packed 19 song list adrenaline ride, left everything borrowed and new at the door. Dug Pinnick, Ty Tabor and Jerry Gaskill gave there favorite place to play on earth,  London, England a performance that was mind numbing. I believe that it was actually 14 songs on the original play list, but King’s X rocked the stage so hard that the British crowd would not let them leave the arena without tearing it down just a little bit more. These Governor’s of “The Groove Machine” had two encores people, and each time the crowd was looking for some more love.

Hit after hit the echos of the battle harden warriors screamed their souls throughout the Electric Ballroom in London, England. When the band arrived to the hit song “Goldilox“, the patrons took full command of the vocal vessel. King’s X laid the backdrop beat as the crowd song the entire tune… word for word.

It is clear to see the unified emotion that these rock legends bring to their performances and their fans. Considering when the show was all over and the band finally left the stage for the third time, never to return.. the British crowed still lingered with King’s X departure. Now that is Love.

This DVD offers a brief behind the scenes look and also two vintage performances of King’s X, when young Dug Pinnick had his patented straight haired mohawk. Wow, that brought back an ear shot of memories.

Looking for something to do next weekend?? Why not invite some of your close friends over to the house and plop in “Live Love In London” DVD from King’s X.

by Shawn Murphy

Live Love in London Kings X
Live Love in London Kings X

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