Eagle Rock Entertainment will release a music legacy this May 24, 2011. The 17 track cd “Come A Little Bit Closer… The Best Of Willy DeVille Live”, is a compilation of his European tours from 1977-2005. The ballsy, bluesy American singer songwriter was influenced by many of the greats, who helped redefine his raspy guitar twang. Such artist as John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters and the Drifters to name but a few. However, it was John Henry Hammond II who has had the most affect on DeVille’s persona. This CD is a tribute to a true music historian who has affected the lives of many.

Willy Deville was born 1950 in Stamford, Connecticut, who’s father was a carpenter. With larger aspirations than what his home town could offer. DeVille as a teenager started a blues band in his home town of Stamford, Connecticut called Billy and The Kids, in hopes of making his dreams happen. After attempting the life as a teen musician in Stamford, he got married then moved to England. With no luck in London, two years later, DeVille comes back states side to Ny. With no success back home, he picks up his guitar and moves to San Francisco where Mink DeVille was formed. Willy convinced drummer Thomas Manfred Allen and bassist Ruben Siguenza to move to Ny, city and become one of the house bands for “CBGB”. From there on history was in the making.

DeVille has laid sermons on the world of music for the span of 35 years and the fans have given praise to his countless albums. Albums such as “Miracle”, “Back Streets Of Desire”, “Big Easy Fantasy”, “Crow Jane Alley”, and “Pistola”. DeVille was also nominated for an Academy Award for his collaboration with Mark Knopfler on the song “Story Book”, written for the movie “The Princess Bride”. Although his accolades were few, his albums were many, his heart was big, his soul was endless and his talents were great.

Eagle Rock Entertainment has put together the “Come A Little Bit Closer” cd for you to experience a taste of greatness from one of music’s “Unsung Hero’s”.


1.) Venus of Avenue D

2.) This Must Be The Night

3.) Love and Emotion

4.) Savoir Faire

5.) Just To Walk That Little Girl Home

6.)Mixed Up, Shook Up Girl

7.) Slave To Love

8.) Slow Drain

9.) Demasiado Corazon (Too Much Heart)

10.) Little Girl

11.) Storybook Love

12.) Can’t Do Without It

13.) Hey Joe

14.) Just Your Friends

15.) Steady Drivin’ Man

16.) Cadillac Walk

17.) Spanish Stroll

Until this article I was truly in the dark about the late great singer/song writer Willy DeVille. A lot has changed since this blessing was bestowed onto me and it is my honor and privilege to enlighten those who are or were in the dark as I was.

Willy DeVille 1950-2009 Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist/Harmonica

Visit www.willydevillemusic.com and www.kayosproductions.com for more details.

by Shawn Murphy

Willy Deville
Willy Deville

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