Rock-pop bands do not get enough credit vocally. Indie groups, whose vocals stand out against their calming instrumental sounds, typically take the cake in that category. So when a rock-pop group sings acoustically, we get chills down our spine. At the same time, we feel disappointed that we ever doubted that band would be able to cause such an emotional reaction within us, other than the psychical head bobbing one. So, we send an apology to All Time Low for our former stereotype of the rock-pop genre, but also congratulate the band for opening the minds of other marginalized listeners.

Check out All Time Low’s acoustic version of their lead single, “I Feel Like Dancin’,” off their forthcoming album, “Dirty Work”, which drops on June 7th. We love the original, fast paced tempo of the track, but the second take of the tune is reawakening. Vocalist, Alexander Gaskarth, adds a tender side to a tune mostly compiled of party lyrics. Who knew “Everybody gettin’ kinda of crunk, I think some dude just grabbed my junk,” could cause our hearts to feel so vulnerable? Gaskarth’s perfectly in-tune vocals and skillfully controlled range illustrate why acoustic tracks can be advantageous to bands, well those who have authentic talent.

Even though we are sure this video will work its purchasing magic, we still need to remind you of this information, in case it has slipped your mind with all the buzz around All Time Low. “Dirty Work” is available for pre-order now at Glamour Kills. Get a head start on your credit card bill and make “Dirty Work” the first buy of the list.

by Lonnie Nemiroff

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