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Catfish Director's Next Project Is Paranormal Activity 3?

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Catfish Director's Next Project Is Paranormal Activity 3?

One of my favorite movies from the Sundance Film Festival in 2010 was Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman’s “Catfish”. A wonderful documentary about creating friendships and romances on Facebook and the dangers that follow such actions. It was a touching, poignant and humbling film despite the accusations of the film being a false “documentary”. So does it make sense that the filmmakers of a small documentary follow-up their critically acclaimed be the third entry in a Halloween franchise? Well, that’s precisely correct! and are reporting that Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman next film project will be “Paranormal Activity 3”. The more I think about this news, the more I am equally perplexed and intrigued. “Catfish” gained a lot of notoriety for the accusations of it being faked or set up. The “Paranormal Activity” franchise is a “found footage” horror film that is predicated on the idea of being a “documentary-style” film. Could this be a perfect pairing? Are Joost and Schulman admitting to “Catfish” being set up by taking this job? Or was this just the opportunity to cross over as mainstream filmmakers and cash in on their success? No matter what you think, more power to them.

Paramount is aiming for a October 21, 2011 release date. Just in time for Halloween.

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by Rudie Obias

Paranormal Activity 3

Paranormal Activity 3

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