Swedish electronic trio, Fredrik, defines beauty in the most simplistic terms with their new video for the track, “Chrome Cavities,” off their album, Flora, which dropped April 12th, via The Kora Records. Directed by Fredrik’s O. Lindefelt, the music video was inspired by early motion picture magicians such as Stan Brakhage, Isidore Isou and Viking Eggeling.

The video immediately reminded us of those days when we would spend a considerable amount of time making hand puppets on the ceilings of our bedroom to help us fall asleep at night. It was never a successful sleeping method, but always entertaining.

The “Chrome Cavities” music video includes a little more than hands and a flashlight. It is an abstract take on palm shadow play using a vintage British overhead projector, an off-white canvas, scissors, paper, eight hands and a fish tank full of flammable liquids. It might sound like a risky endeavor, but the visual effects these tools created is exceptionally stimulating and well worth the burn. The video lasts for a little over three minutes, but it doesn’t cross your mind once you have been watching hands in motion for that amount of time.

Flora is the band’s third full -length album and it possesses just as much creativity as their music video for “Chrome Cavities.” The album is now available on white vinyl. While you are checking out their recent video on YouTube, stay on the site and take a look at their full-length video stream of Flora, which features Ylva, the wolf, on a backwards bicycle riding through the band’s hometown. Both released videos from Fredrik will have you thoroughly fixated on the computer screen. We only recommend this intense concentration, when a rainy day calls for it.

by Lonnie Nemiroff

Chrome Cavities
Chrome Cavities

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