I’m guessing by the title you already know what greatness that this man…, no this sovereign saint of rock and roll has achieved. That’s more like it, one has to give respect when respect has been well earned. Ozzy Osbourne’s career has spanned for more than 40 years and it just keeps on ticking.

The Prince of Darkness doesn’t mess around, wow, calling him “P.O.D” is dating way back in the “Sabbath” days. But that’s where it all started for him, a little heavy metal band from Birmingham, England. You may have heard of them before, “Black Sabbath”, yea that’s the band. Many musicians have been responsible for pioneering music, however “Sabbath” was indubitably culpable for it’s devilish dark edge. Scaring the Mummies and Daddies of their time and in some cases, even in these times. Hell who can forget, “War Pigs”, “Iron Man”, Fairies Wear Boots”, “Paranoid”, “Spiral Architect”, “Sweet Leaf” and “Snowblind”. With Sabbath there are so many more hits, but let us move forward. Although Bill Ward, Geezer Butler, Tony Iommi and Mr. Ozzy ROCKED NATIONS, this article isn’t about “Sabbath Bloody Sabbath”.

Notwithstanding Ozzy being a major contributor to the legendary rock group, this article is about Ozzy and his solo endeavors.

Sometimes you just can’t say “Good Bye To Romance”.  In 1978 Ozzy leaves Sabbath and plunges into a solo career. His first time out, Ozzy spawned the hit album “Blizzard Of Ozz” and When the ball keeps rolling there is no stoppin’ “The Crazy Train”. Cause next came “Diary Of A Madman”.

On May 31st of 2011 the remastered special 30th anniversary edition of both albums is being released. The 30th anniversary collector’s box will include, both albums on cd and vinyl, a documentary DVD “Thirty Years After The Blizzard”, a full size replica of Ozzy’s mythological cross, 100 page coffe table book and a lil birdy tells me there is more. But, we will leave out… can’t give you all the dirty little secrets.

Previously you were given a whole lot of information; Let’s recap! Remastered “Blizzard Of Ozz” and “Diary Of A Madman”, separately on vinyl or CD. Then we have the dirty little secret.., the 30th anniversary deluxe box set with all the bells and whistles. Either way Ozzy fans you’re gonna love it.

Blizzard Of Ozz (30th Anniversary Expanded Edition)

1. I Don’t Know (5:13)

2. Crazy Train (4:51)

3. Goodbye To Romance (5:33)

4. Dee (0:49)

5. Suicide Solution (4:17)

6. Mr. Crowley (5:02)

7. No Bone Movies (3:52)

8. Revelation (Mother Earth) (6:08)

9. Steal Away (The Night) (3:28)

Bonus Tracks

10. You Looking At Me, Looking At You (Non-LP B-Side, Previously Unreleased in the U.S.) (4:15)

11. Goodbye To Romance (2010 Guitar & Vocal Mix, Previously Unreleased) (5:42)

12. RR (Previously Unreleased – Randy Rhoads guitar solo) (1:13)

Diary Of A Madman (Legacy Edition)

Disc 1

1. Over The Mountain (4:31) 

2. Fiying High Again (4:44)

3. You Can’t Kill Rock And Roll (6:59)

4. Believer (5:15)

5. Little Dolls (5:39)

6. Tonite (5:50)

7. S.A.T.O. (4:07)

8. Diary Of A Madman (6:14)

Disc 2

Ozzy Live (Recorded on the Blizzard Of Ozz Tour)

1. I Don’t Know

2. Cray Train

3. Believer

4. Mr. Crowley

5. Flying High

6. Revelation

7. Steal Away

8. Suicide Solution

9. Iron Man

10. Children Of The Grave

11. Paranoid

Diary of A Madman/Blizzard Of Ozz 30th Anniversary Delux Box Set

Box Set Includes:

Blizzard Of Ozz (30th Anniversary Expanded Edition)

Diary Of A Madman (Legacy Edition)

Blizzard Of Ozz (180-gram LP – Original Album Only)

Diary Of A Madman (180-gram LP – Original Album Only)

DVD: “Thirty Years After The Blizzard” Documentary with additional rare and unreleased performances and interviews.

Keep your eyes peeled, May 31 2011 release date.

By Shawn Murphy

Ozzy Osbourne Box Set
Ozzy Osbourne Box Set

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