We love when a band’s new album can resurrect the group’s tunes of the past. Well, only if the recent album acquires a considerable amount of buzz to do so. For Duff McKagan’s Loaded, the release of their new CD, The Taking, garnered enough attention for the rock group to announce the re-issuing of the band’s second album, Sick, on May 24th.

“Sick”, originally released in 2009, displayed the band’s talent in balancing the sounds of rock, punk and metal to create a unified album. The rebirth of this album is well worth the re-experience, especially for those aspiring bands who make albums consisting of primarily one genre. This fault categorizes the band, but leaves the listener with non-distinctive tunes. With “Sick”, Duff Mckagan’s Loaded has shown those underneath him that the more genres the merrier, as long as when looking at the album as a whole a sense of collectiveness appears.

The re-released album will contain a double disc that comes complete with two additional bonus tracks on the CD, “Roll Away,” and the acoustic version of “Wasted Heart,” and a 94-minute bonus DVD featuring the band’s 2009 performance at The Garage in Glasgow, Scotland. The DVD also includes the band’s “No More” music video plus five webisodes, four on the making of “Sick” and one on the 2008 UK Tour.

If you ask us, this deal given to you by Eagle Rock Entertainment and its Armoury Records subsidiary, is pretty sweet. Who wouldn’t want the precedent album, “Sick”, plus two bonus tracks and a DVD? If you call yourself a rock fan, this purchase better be on your credit card bill or your musical authenticity is in sheer jeopardy.

by Lonnie Nemiroff

Duff McKagan
Duff McKagan

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