It is always a good sign for a forthcoming album when its pre-released singles can be found in places other than on iTunes. With this success, we add another chip to our bets on the triumph of the album’s sales. The upperhand can be easily played with Ida Maria’s upcoming album, “KATLA”, which will drop on June 7th, via Mercury Records.

How do we know to place our bets on this Norwegian artist? Well, take a listen to the album’s released singles, “Bad Karma” and “Cherry Red.” “Bad Karma” can already be heard in the movie, “Scream 4,” in the trailer for Focus Features’ “It’s Kind Of A Funny Story,” in promos for FOX Broadcasting’s “Lie To Me,” and in USA’s “Royal Pains.” The track already crosses your path quite a lot. We like to describe it as having a contemporary twist on Meredith Brooks’ hit track, “Bitch.” “Bad Karma” has that edgy lyrical composition we saw with the 1997 tune, but it incorporates a more intricate tempo consisting of rock, punk and jazz elements. We don’t even question why it has been placed in numerous areas of the entertainment world. Both singles off “KATLA” can be heard on Ida Maria’s official website and Facebook page.

Are you still not confident with your bet? Well, you can also trust the stats of her debut single released two years ago in the U.S. off the album. Fortress ’round My Heart. “I Like You So Much Better When You’re Naked” reached the Top 40 on Billboard’s Modern Rock chart, with over 3.2 million MySpace plays and over 1.3 millions YouTube views. Another track off the album, “Oh My God,” which features Iggy Pop, logged over 2.9 million views on YouTube.

We hope you let go of all your dough because the release of Ida Maria’s “KATLA” will have you winning it back in multiplies

by Lonnie Nemiroff

Ida Maria Katla
Ida Maria Katla

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