Playing a video safe is never a move we would advise aspiring bands to take. Getting your name out there in the music industry is done by having an even weirder quality than that breakthrough band before you had. So, if it means taking a risk then we suggest you go for it.

The leap of faith proved to be successful for Iceland’s Sindri Mar Sigusson or Sin Fang. The indie artist debuted a new video for the track, “Two Boys” off his sophomore album, “Summer Echoes “, which is available now on Morr Music. Directed by Jonsi’s sister, Ingibj√∂rg Birgisdottir, the video is as trippy as those magical scenes in “Across the Universe.” Eyes melting off his face and disproportionate hands gliding over his face are visuals you probably have a hard time imagining. Well us too at first, but after watching the “Two Boys” video, the misplacement of facial features and body parts doesn’t seem so odd anymore. Sin Fang makes uncomfortable sights comfortable with the relaxing sound of the tune and with the use of subdued colors. The world of Sin Fang is atypical, but the fanciful lifestyle is one we would sacrifice normalness for.

Accept all forms of life with the “Two Boys” video and check out the other inspirational tracks off “Summer Echoes “!

by Lonnie Nemiroff

Sin Fang : Two Boys from morr music on Vimeo.

Sin Fang
Sin Fang

By lonnie

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