Featuring artist who may not be so mainstream is something we love to do here @ Shockya.com. Although these individuals may not be in the for front of our minds and hearts there is one common thread they share with the more popular artist we all know at a drop of a hat. That common thread shared between the known and unknown is devotion and talent.

We see it week in and week out with all the talent shows on the “tele” these days. In respects to the previous paragraph this article is no different.

Johan Agebjorn is our featured artist this week and it is a pleasure to introduce to you, his first full length techno pop album. “Casablanca Nights” via Paper Bag Records was released yesterday May 10, 20011.

The Swedish Dj/Producer Johan Agebjorn has created a unqiue sound with collaborations from Sally Shapiro, CFCF, Steve Moore (Lovelock, Zombi, Miracle), Fred Ventura, Lake Heartbeat, LePrix and many more. His poject “Casablanca Nights” was mostly completed through the internet. The vocals and instrumentals came from the various artists around the world, from Montreal to London and Milan to Pittsburg. While at home in Sweden producer Johan Agebjorn formatted, mixed and skillfully arranged the album.

Johan Agebjorn two singles, “Casablanca Nights” featuring Sally Shapiro and “Watch the World Go By” is a testiment to his brillance. Listening to “Watch the World Go By” over and over had my mind in a trance, his androgynous sounds are beyond the night sky.., dreamy.

Casablanca Nights Track Listing
1. 8ths (Intro Edit)
2.The Last Day of Summer [with Ercola & Queen of Hearts]
3. This Case Is Closed (Remix) [with Friday Bridge]
4. Watch the World Go By [with Le Prix & Lake Heartbeat]
5. Casablanca Nights [ with Lovelock & Sally Shapiro]
6. Alice [with Fred Ventura, le Prix & Sally Shapiro]
7. Spacer Woman From Mars [ with Sally Shapiro]
8. So Fine All The Time [ with Legowelt & Wolfram]
9. Le Noir Et Le Blanc Sur Le Plano [ with Sally Shapiro]
10. Memories of Satie [with CFCF]
11. Stranger (Chill Remix) [with Halftone]

Remember.. Rhythm Rotates the Earth

By Shawn Murphy

Johan Agebjorn
Johan Agebjorn

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