When did this Vampire craze start, anyway? That is the question that has yet to be answered. Perhaps because the whole craze hadn’t even begun until Stephenie Meyer’s beloved Twilight series hit the big screens during the brink of 2009 or maybe it was Charlaine Harris’ True Blood or even The Vampire Diaries by L.J. Smith, either way this so-called craze has even bitten the music scene. While there has been bands before them, Aiden, Calabrese, I Am Ghost, and The 69 Eyes, all of which claim to be immortal, these bands do not compare as to what lays in Los Angele’s very own backyard. For 2010 brought forth an intriguing group of blood suckers calling themselves Vampires Everywhere!

Now the name may surprise you and sound foolish to you but these musicians mean business. “Lost In the Shadows” debuted in 2010 in of all places, Hot Topic. Since the day it dropped it marked a whole another tale to be told. Now that a year has gone by Vampires Everywhere! had gotten signed to two labels Century Media/Hollywood Waste Records in which they spent the time writing and recording their debut full-length, titled “Kiss The Sun Goodbye”.

Previously recorded tracks “Bury Me Alive”, “Immortal Love”, and “The Embrace”, have been brought back from the dead and their EP and re-done really materializing a growth and evolution in their musical attributes. Whilst these tunes have been heard before there have been others that have just been released via frontman Michael Vampire’s journey entries. He created a series of five video entries that showcase a young girl running for her life as she faces the transition of becoming an immortal.

During which the five video run consists of such tunes as “Children of the Night”, and “Bleeding Rain” that features a guest appearance by WiL of Aiden/William Control, who adds his own texture of musical influence by eerily provoking the listener. Whereas “Lipstick Lies”, returns to the styling’s that “Bury Me Alive”, and “Immortal Love” had except it introduces a breakdown which makes the sound flow great with the music. “Carnage at the Castle”, consists of that emotional atmosphere having a chorus structure that maintains the clean vocals and screaming ones in an on and off pattern.

When it comes down it Vampires Everywhere! has made it fact rather than fiction that once you “Kiss The Sun Goodbye” there is no turning back.

by Natalie Perez

Vampires Everywhere
Vampires Everywhere

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