A sense of rebelliousness and devilishness runs throughout us when we hear the tunes of Dynasty Electric. The lingering and unreserved vocals of Jenny Electrik and the impulsive rhythm of the instruments supplied by Seth Misterka create a vindictive sound that resonates within the rule free and irrational part of our brain. There is nothing wrong with having that daring attitude, just as long as it doesn’t triumph over or even blend with the logical side. Separation is the key, but we have to warn you the tunes of Dynasty Electric are so infectious that severance might require more than brainpower.

Hailing from Brooklyn, Dynasty Electric has that spunk with a unique sound of electronic, punk, pop and psychedelic rock. Multi-instrumentalist Seth Misterka created the band back in 2003 and initially recruited Jenny Electrik as the bassist, but she soon became Dynasty Electric’s lead vocalist and co-songwriter. In 2004, the eclectic duo recorded the album, “Black Box” and toured around America, Canada, Japan and Taiwan, before returning to the studio to record their EP, “Burning”, back in 2008.

In 2011, the well-seasoned band released their next album, “Golden Arrows”, which was produced by Ski Beatz, who added an electronic pop flare to the tracks. Golden Arrows was recorded in Woodstock, New York and dropped May 8th via Dash’s BluRoc Records. The counterculture area was the ideal place for the band to record this trippy and experimental album. Infusing the out there sounds of the 60s with contemporary beats, Dynasty Electric is fit to bring the tunes of the flower power era into modern day.

There is no better way to escape the predictable tunes of the 21st Century than by listening to the album’s title track and lead single, “Golden Arrows.” Electrik’s vocals are seductive and display a wide range of control that only strengthens her sex appeal. Electrik’s sound will have you wanting to be shot by her golden arrows, hoping to have her disobedient charm rub off onto your compliant side. Misterka’s sporadic instrumentals complement her vocals to the tee and will have you imagining her dance moves on stage, which are most likely coordinated by the direction of the wind. A vivid image of the roam free lifestyle of the 60s grazes our mind with “Golden Arrows” due to the modern take of the vocals and guitar rifts of legendary artists like, Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix.

After a forceful track, like “Golden Arrows,” it is pleasant to be taken back to reality with a song like, “Infectious.” The whimsical tunes remind us of one we would hear from groups like, The Martinis or The Cranberries. Just a quick reminder, these are bands off of our favorite movie soundtrack, “Empire Records.” Electrik’s vocals are light and airy, which enable her to glide on by Misterka’s ethereal instrumental sound. All her angst must have been released on her other vigorous tracks, such as “Box of Light” and “Spell of Time,” leaving “Infectious,” to be truly contagious with its beautiful and fanciful sound. The slower pace of “Golden Arrows”‘ other tunes, such as “Mountain Song” and “Friends” also displays the vulnerably captivating and breezily magical side of Dynasty Electric, proving the group to be immensely versatile.

By escaping the tunes of “Golden Arrows” that are dominated by either dreamy or upbeat tempos, it leaves you with the album’s most distinct song, “Bird Song.” The standout track has a jazzy feel due to the interchanging of the passionately driven vocals with the chiming and whistling sound of the instruments. Electrik’s vocals soar to a higher pitch that are well coordinated with the chirping sounds of Misterka. “Bird Song” is a taxing song to sing and play due to the wide range of vocals displayed and the perfectly timed cue of the instruments. This job is effortless for Dynasty Electric, who makes the track come off as a tune entirely consumed with fun.

Whether Dynasty Electric’s sound is audacious, fanciful or simply amusing, the group continuously pushes the envelope and delivers sounds full of innovative and capricious beats and vocals. “Golden Arrows” doesn’t have a consistent genre throughout the 11 tracks, but the common musical theme is not needed because each tune shares the ability to grab the listener and take them to a land far, far away, which is free of the rules of rationality. You should enjoy the album, “Golden Arrows”, to the fullest, but remember after listening to it your sense of reality might be altered, for the better.

by Lonnie Nemiroff

Dynasty Electric
Dynasty Electric

By lonnie

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