In case you didn’t sense the urgency in our voice when we discussed the debut album of the synthetic pop group, Swimming With Dolphins, we are reminding you to check out the band once again.

The group’s debut album, “Water Colours”, dropped on May 17th via Tooth & Nail Records. The album is available for streaming this week on AOL Music. Singer and songwriter, Austin Tofte, formally of Owl City created a 10 track album that consists of crafty lyrical arrangements, pop-synthetic tempos and swiftly sung male and female vocals. The songs off “Water Colours” should prepare to situate themselves amongst the other top summer hits.

We have a minor suggestion that will make a considerable difference when you take your first listen of the album. You should start your way with the first track and work your way to the tenth track, in numerical order. Why listen to the album in this particular way? Well simply because we think from the opening single, “Holiday,” to the closing tune, “Good Times,” the album shows three distinct sides; the first is focused on instrumentals, the other on vocals and the last on lyrics. Each of the three parts of the album are standout elements in their specific tracks, but grouped together, they deliver a diverse album that will have your mind adrift in the Water Colours’ ride.

Don’t wait any longer and get your hands on the recently released debut album of Swimming With Dolphins. Knowing the words and beat of the track from start to finish before its debut on the billboard charts truly defines a fan.

by Lonnie Nemiroff

Swimming With Dolphins Water Colours
Swimming With Dolphins Water Colours

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