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The Sick Puppies are more then just dreamers


The Sick Puppies are more then just dreamers

The Australian rock band ‘Sick Puppies’ are more than up and mobile, they are out right soaring. With their third album ‘Tri Polar’ and the official release of the bands Hulu Channel, things are looking pretty good.

The Sick Puppies, from Australia, formed in 1997 and cut their first studio album ‘Welcome to the Real World’ in 2001. Being a smash in the land down under, Sick Puppies won the annual ‘Triple J Unearthed’ Australian band competition that year. From there they signed with Paul Stepanek Management and moved to LA, CA without the original drummer. Due to an ad that Shimon Moore and Emma Anzai posted in Craig’s List, fortune came knockin’ when drummer Mark Goodwin answered. 

In 2007 under a major label, the Puppies release their second album ‘Dressed Up As Life’, with the hit single ‘All the Same’. That single tapped the U.S. Modern Rock chart at number 8, followed by ‘My World’ at number 20.

In 2009 came the ‘Puppies’ third album release ‘Tri Polar’. The success of ‘Tri Polar’ was incredible, having four killer singles on the music charts and 2 hitting #1. Why stop re-inventing the wheel?

Thus the March 2011 launch of a 7 track acoustic EP called ‘Polar Opposite’. This EP is laced with a solid string orchestra playing on every track and strong lead vocals from Shimon. Emma lays down some smooth as ice vocals on a couple of tracks, the sounds from this album are completely astounding.

The puppies have released Tri Polar Deluxe which includes the full album plus a second disc that features ‘Polar opposite Sessions’ and some additional unreleased tracks.

You can visit the bands official Hulu Channel and watch the Sick Puppies feature ‘Polar Opposite Sessions’.  Believe that you can’t stop dreaming, that’s what the Puppies do.

Remember.. Rhythm Rotates the Earth.

By Shawn Murphy

The Sick Puppies

The Sick Puppies

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