Are you ready to be introduced to alternative music’s take on reggae? Well, Tampa, Florida’s Select Start is the band to get you adjusted to this unfamiliar musical pair. The forcefulness of alternative tunes and the laidback vibe of reggae music may not appear to be a good fit for each other, but much like the world of nature, music needs to be balanced as well. Select Start’s EP “The New Atlantic”, which is now available on iTunes, provides harmonic tunes that can pacify any tension in the musical world.

Before we take it to that deeper level, let’s introduce to Select Start. The six-piece band was not always comfortable with it’s number of the members or overall sound. Since the group’s 2008 debut, The Rotary, Select Start went from a three-piece garage punk band to a four piece pop band to a five piece synth-infused pop group until settling at lucky number six. We’ve got to say we are glad they are sticking with six. Select Start consists of vocalist and guitarist, Daniel Lancaster, vocalist and guitarist, Joe Guerra, guitarist, Jason Polo, keyboardist and vocalist, Matt Reisinger, bassist, Adam Loper and drummer, Patrick Guyer.

The happily even number band released “The New Atlantic” on May 20th via Unrivaled Music Group. Produced by Lee Dyess, the seven track EP justifies why the six combination band works due to the vocal and instrumental accord of the tracks. The commonalities among the tunes include intricately pitched and pleasant vocals infused with rhythmically subtle tempos. The similarities are persistent throughout the EP, but each track has distinct traits to offer, which evoke an array of emotions from tracks one to seven. Let’s get specific with our favorite song, “Only You.” The ethereal tune has harmony between the vocals and instruments as heard on the other tunes, but the vocals of the verses in “Only You” elegantly linger into one another making the song immensely peaceful. “Only You” can end the troubles of a taxing day. So, check the tune out now on iTunes and put the irritation to rest.

Select Start is not only appearing on iTunes, but the road as well. The group recently completed a supporting stint on Mayday Parade’s headline tour and their latest tour with Go Radio, Sparks the Rescue and This Century winds down on May 28th. We advise you to get on those remaining tour dates!

For the latest Select Start information, check out the band’s YouTube blog, along with the group’s Facebook and Myspace pages. Oh and lastly, Select Start has launched a special pre-order, which features special bundle options via District Lines. It is time to begin your Select Start craze.

by Lonnie Nemiroff

The New Atlantic
The New Atlantic

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