The sweet and seemingly innocent Colette Carr is making a few moves in shakin’ them hips. Sometimes with eyes wide shut you can be mislead, if you look at things to quickly or don’t see past an illusion your gonna miss what is reality. Atleast, that was my perception of 20 year old singer, songwriter/ rapper Collette Carr.

This young Southern Californian from Malibu has just released a new video for her single “We Do It/ Primo”. Colette Carr has samples of ‘Somewhere Only We Go’ on her track. In courtesy of Cherry Tree label partner Keane who recently featured on glee.

Colette Carr is singed with Nick Cannons Ncredible/ CherryTree/ Interscope Record Label and is expected to be the new sensation in the indie/ pop world. You can catch her new video “We Do It/ Primo” on VeVo.

It will definitely be interesting to see what direction she will take as the young indie pop star becomes more into her own. There is a million stories with-in those eyes and if your looking closely you can notice that Colette wants to tell them all.

Although her innocence is fun and poppie this little “Banshee” has a spell that is just waiting to be developed.

Remember.. Rhythm Rotates the Earth.

By Shawn Murphy

Colette Carr
Colette Carr

By smurphy

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