When something is done well in the past, imitation is destine to flatter in the near future. Now if that imitation can truly flatter the concept without defaming ones character is an issue. In the late 70’s early 80’s Debbie Harry a.k.a “Blondie” was the poster child for ‘Punk rock disco’. From punk to disco funk, Blondie was a dominating presence with rappy verses and flowing choruses. Presenting a style with an edge that would transform music in every way.

‘Creature’ is a Canadian pop band who acknowledge the legacy of punk pop era Debra Harry has paved. Lisa Ivy, Sid Z and Kim Ho blend their influences with other genres so well, giving ‘Creature’ a uniqueness no other group has today. Check out ‘Creature Busking for Change / Artist pour War Child’ on You Tube. It’s the band performing in Montreal @ Berri-UQAM metro station, crankin’ out some sick-ass blues for change.

After some success off of their self produced debut album “No Sleep at All”, Creature picked up momentum by signing with Universal Music Canada. The Montreal band with retro grooves will be releasing their sophomore album ‘Sick Imagination’ soon. Some tracks to look for on the new album, Cry Baby, So High and Prom Prom. The track ‘Prom Prom’ is about LGBT (Lesbian-Gay-Bisexual-Transgender) issues during a high school prom. A serious subject matter creating positive controversy. Debbie Harry calls the band “Fantastic” and they are, so get into a great new vibe.

If you live in New York City Creatures will be performing at Pianos on 158 Ludlow Street June 7th 2011 show starts 7pm.

Remember.. Rhythm Rotates the Earth

By Shawn Murphy

By smurphy

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