Are you still in search of the perfect Father’s Day gift? You can stop looking because we have the present for you. You don’t even need to unzip your wallet; all you have to do is tap into your brainpower and deliver words that will touch our hearts. We’ll get to the details of the contest a little later. We should advise you that although this gift is going to be free, it is probably best to avoid telling your father about this no price tag present. You were able to get the meaningful gift and that is all that matters.

What we have for your fathers is a free copy of Lady Gaga’s ‘Born This Way’. You can insert laughter after that previous statement because we are only kidding. That CD might be the gift you may want for yourself, but is probably not suitable for your fathers. By giving your dad the tunes of Dean Martin, you will find your rebellious slate wiped clean. You should think of it in this way: Lady Gaga is the all powerful mega musical celebrity for your generation as Dean Martin was for your fathers. Do you understand the gravity of this giveaway?

So, put that smile of your father’s face on June 19th and hand him, ‘Dino: The Essential Dean Martin’, which includes a two CD set with a new track and a copy of ‘Essential Love Songs’. The contest is pretty simple and shouldn’t be too shocking that it revolves around your fathers! We want to hear in no more than 300 words what makes your dad the greatest by telling us a single story about him or listing several reasons why. The brief paragraph could also serve as the perfect card for the CD, only if you are the winner, of course.

You have until June 12th to melt our hearts with your “Best Dad” tales. Yes, we know this timeframe gives you only a week, but it is important your father receives this gift on the big day or else underneath your “Happy Father’s Day!” signature, you’ll be apologizing for the tardiness. Remember to post your words in the comment section of this article and to e-mail your entry to

by Lonnie Nemiroff

Dino: The Essential Dean Martin

By lonnie

2 thoughts on “Giveaway: Dean Martin Father's Day Contest”
  1. my dad  is…..
      a  step above the rest
       yes,  he is the best.
      why, you ask.
      he always gives me money
      when I ask
      love you dad

  2. My father isn’t a perfect man, but he
    is a perfect dad. He has always told me that I am capable of
    anything, and his ever present support has allowed me to accomplish
    things in life that I could never dream possible. Always ready with a
    kind word or stern discipline if needed, his guidance and discipline
    has helped me grow into adulthood. I know no other father out there
    who was at every game cheering loudly come rain or shine, who took
    the time out to explain decisions in detail, and who pushed their
    child to be the best that they could be without being overbearing.
    Through sickness and in health, through good times and bad, he has
    been our families rock, weathering storm and sunshine with equal
    aplomb. Happy Father’s Day Dad, thank you for everything.

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