“X-Men: First Class” producer Bryan Singer has stated that the next film in the “X-Men” franchise could deal with other 1960s world events like the Vietnam War or the Civil Rights movement.

According to CinemaBlend via the Los Angeles Times, Singer would love to see other elements of the 1960s tackled without turning the films into bland recounts of about world events.

“I don’t know if every movie has to be a history lesson. But there’s a lot of history to cover,” he said. “If we sequelized this, it could inhabit a whole world of the 20th century. When [First Class] happened, Kennedy had not been assassinated and the Vietnam War hadn’t happened yet. […] What’s really interesting about the ’60s setting is the civil rights movement.”

He’s really interested in the idea of covering civil rights in the next film, saying, “What’s fascinating about these two characters [Professor Xavier and Magneto] is that they’re really the Malcolm X and Martin Luther King of comic mythology.”

“X-Men: First Class”, a reboot/prequel film that shows how the X-Men and the Brotherhood came to be, takes place during the time of the Cuban Missile Crisis.

What events would you like to see in the next “X-Men” film? I would personally love to see how something a bit lighter, like Woodstock and the Height-Ashbury scene, gets handled.

Bryan Singer
Bryan Singer

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