The Hollywood Reporter had an interview session with Jeffery Katzenberg, the chief of Dreamworks Animation. In the interview, he talked about how he’s sad at the recent downturn 3D movies have had with the viewing audience.

When asked by the magazine/site as to what he thinks is causing the significant decline of audiences viewing 3D films, Katzenberg said, “I think 3D is right smack in the middle of its terrible twos. We have disappointed our audience multiple times now, and because of that I think there is genuine distrust — whereas a year and a half ago, there was genuine excitement, enthusiasm and reward for the first group of 3D films that actually delivered a quality experience. Now that’s been seriously undermined. It’s not in any fashion, shape or form the demise of 3D, but until there are 3D experiences that exceed people’s expectations, it’s going to stay challenged…It’s really heartbreaking to see what has been the single greatest opportunity that has happened to the film business in over a decade being harmed. The audience has spoken, and they have spoken really loudly.”

You an read more of the interview at The Hollywood Reporter. What do you think about the slow returns in the 3D movie business? And how do you feel about 3D films in general? From my personal experience when viewing “Thor”, it took me a while to get into the film due to the 3D glasses (it was also my first experience with 3D, seeing how I’ve been avoiding it for most of the reasons outlined in Katzenberg’s answer).

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