“Falling Skies” is one of the most anticipated television shows for the summer season. The show’s two-hour premiere occurred yesterday, and the ratings were fantastic, so fantastic that the show was declared the year’s most watched cable premiere. But ratings don’t always

Darren Franich at Entertainment Weekly wrote the show was “fleetfooted” but was fair in also mentioning that the show got its worst scene out of the way at the top of the hour–the scene where children are giving the audience exposition via voice-over and crayon drawings. “It could have been poetic, but it played like a PowerPoint presentation assembled by overeager preschoolers.”

Tim Goodman at The Hollywood Reporter also wrote highly of the show, saying that the show has put the pressure on FOX’s high-concept show, “Terra Nova”. Goodman wrote the show is “[s]o good and entertaining, in fact, that the pressure is squarely on ‘Terra Nova’ not to become a high-priced flop (cough, ‘FlashFoward’, cough) come fall. Hey, stranger things have happened. And when it comes right down to it, do you want your sci-fi to involve going back in time with dinosaurs or confronting a post-apocalyptic world where aliens have bombed the bejesus out of Earth?”

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By Monique Jones

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