Actor Channing Tatum is sporting a new look for his return to the G.I. Joe franchise.  Tatum looks to have shaved his head to reprise his role as Duke.  Confirmation of his new look came when The Dilemma actor was seen making an exit from a Beverly Hills office just days ago on July 12th.  Channing isn’t the only star in the Jon Chu directed flick to have reportedly shaved it all off.  Actor Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock, looks  like he has gone a few rounds with the clippers as well.  Johnson posted pictures on his website in all of his bald glory, and also took to Twitter confirming that filming is underway.  Johnson who plays Roadblock, told fans

“Long day of prep for G.I. Joe.  Special Forces fatigues look strong.  Time for Don Julio and new episode of Hard Time.”

So far Chu’s work on Cobra Strikes is giving me every indication that this sequel is sure to be better than its predecessor.  The cast of Channing, The Rock, Adrianne Palicki, Ray Stevenson, RAZ, and Byung Hu is a huge plus, along with the plot.  MTV recently spoke with G.I. Joe 2 producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura who revealed this latest news about what fans can expect to see:

“The ninja fans are going to love it.  There’s a tremendous amount of it. What’s interesting is, we both have that going on in the Snake-Eyes story, but we’ve found a way to bring that element into the Joes’ story. I think anybody who’s a fan of dark, in the middle of the night [action with] a dangerous foe arriving, this is a movie for you.”

Cobra Strikes will open August 2012.

Channing Tatum Goes Bald

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