Don Murphy is looking to take another cartoon to the big screen. The “Transformers” producer is looking to give “Captain Planet” a movie treatment, according to CinemaBlend.

According to the article, Murphy has signed a deal with Cartoon Network to develop a film based on “Captain Planet and the Planeteers.” If you know anything about “Captain Planet,” you’ll know that the show is extremely ’90s in terms of the politics and the then-emerging eco-centric culture it is based on (I remember being taught about Earth Day in kindergarten, which was right around the time when “Captain Planet” was still on the air). Also, the love-hate-love relationship between Linka (her home country, Russia, was still called the Soviet Union then) and Wheeler, the brash American, could be seen as an allegory to the real-life relationship America and Russia had at that time.

Whether the movie will be a success remains to be seen. All I know is that it’ll be extremely interesting to see how they decided to create Captain Planet himself. At the very least, maybe it’ll be a combination of CGI and live-action, and not just CGI, because that would look terrible.

What do you think about a “Captain Planet” movie? Sound off below.

Captain Planet
Captain Planet

By Monique Jones

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