Pixar seems to be on a roll with sequels now. During last week’s “BBC Breakfast,” Pixar head John Lasseter was asked about Tom Hanks’ assertions that a “Toy Story 4” was in the works.

Hanks, who was on “BBC Breakfast” last month, claimed that Pixar has given the go-ahead to a “Toy Story 4” idea. He also said t again on HLN’s “Showbiz Tonight,” saying, “I understand it’s happening, and if it is, I hope they’ll hire me.” Lasseter said in response to questions about another “Toy Story” film, “I found [Hanks’ comments] interesting too…Yeah, it’s really interesting! We haven’t announced anything yet.”

The way in which he said it–and the look of surprise and slight agitation about the question–sounds like “Toy Story 4” is something Hanks wasn’t supposed to spill to the public. You can see the video for yourself here.

While the verdict is still out as to whether “Toy Story 4” is really happening, it will be a little hard for many Pixar fans to swallow. For the longest, “Toy Story” was the only franchise with sequels. Now, we have “Cars 2” and later on, there will be “Monsters University”, meaning that there would have been two sequels made in two years. If there is “Toy Story 4,” this might make some people worry about what’s going on at Pixar.

Toy Story 4

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By Monique Jones

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