A new deleted scene from 2006’s “Superman Returns” has surfaced on the internet. The scene, which will be part of the special features in the “Superman Anthology” Blu-ray edition, shows Brandon Routh as Superman going back to the remnants of his home planet, Krypton.

I’ve seen “Superman Returns,” and I’m of the camp that didn’t really like it that much, even though I loved seeing Routh as Superman/Clark Kent. However, the clip is really…strange.

I’ll agree with the Entertainment Weekly article written by Adam B. Vary that the scene is very Kubrickian, and that quality about the scene alone makes me wish it was left in the film. But the scene isn’t without its problems, but a little editing could have taken those problems out. In any case, it’s interesting to see Superman in a gray “space outfit” bodysuit flying a giant crystal through space.

You can view the clip for yourself below this post and see what you think about it. After viewing it, leave your comments in the comments section. Would you like to have seen in this the final cut? Are you glad they took it out? And just how blue are Routh’s eyes in this trailer?! They’re like drops of the ocean in this clip!

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By Monique Jones

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