The 21st Century has been the rebirth of pop music and who better to thank than technology for this resurrection? The electronic advances helped hike up the withering sounds of past pop sensations, like Britney Spears, but these improvements have also cooperated with the pop artists, rather than mask their flaws. Let’s take the tunes of Amy Kuney to better illustrate this thought.

The Oklahoma born, LA based singer and songwriter will be releasing one single per month to give listeners a taste of her pop and indie style. The first single, “Where I Can’t Follow”, is out now and ideally shows how to incorporate synthesized beats without overshadowing vocals. Her sound is just too beautifully soothing to let any instrumental sounds impede on it.

Her music may be relatively unknown in the U.S., but Amy Kuney’s tunes are getting comfortably situated in the radio waves of Canada. Her track, “Gasoline Rainbows” hit number one on the Canadian Rock charts after its release as a title track of a benefit album for the Gulf oil spill of 2010. The song was also featured on a recent episode of “So You Think You Can Dance Canada”. “Gasoline Rainbows” sounds like a depressing tune, especially in the context of the oil spill, but Kuney’s vocals add hope and prove to be strong enough to relieve areas of strife.

To aspiring pop artists, use auto-tune or other electronic enhancements sparingly, only if you’ve got the vocal chops.

by Lonnie Nemiroff

Amy Kuney

By lonnie

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