Only Lady Gaga could make a crop field look interesting. In her latest video release for the track, “You & I”, off of “Born This Way”, Lady Gaga ups the high-end fashion, if that is even imaginable, and displays her remarkable talent as a pianist. We would be lying to you Shockya readers if we told you we understand the message behind every element portrayed in the video. So, we’ll take the imagery route for the Gaga video.

The premise of the video is based on Gaga walking all the way from New York City to Nebraska to get her boyfriend back. The first scene shows her walking down an empty road surrounded by cornfields. With bleeding ankles and no luggage in hand, Gaga appears to be going for it, love that is. From then on, the video takes off in several different directions, from a torture scene to Gaga as a mermaid to dancing in a Nebraskan cornfield and to playing piano with a male version of herself on top of the piano. That last scene sounds a bit confusing, but if you check out the video it will become clearer.

Say whatever you like about Lady Gaga, but the woman is the most talented artist of the 21st Century. The video for “You & I” is just another way to prove it. We thought pop music was going down the drain with auto-tune and all, but we have enough faith in Lady Gaga to see that that never happens.

by Lonnie Nemiroff

Lady Gaga

By lonnie

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