It would seem that the eternal battle between men and women can draw to a close now. According to All Headline News, science has found women to be the stronger sex.

According to the article, a new study from Belgium’s Ghent University states that women have stronger immune systems as well as being genetically programmed to resist infection and cancer better than men due to a backup system for battling disease. This increased strength stems from micro-RNAs, small strands of RNA encoded on chromosomes, and genetics. While the micro-RNA disable immunity genes on a man’s X chromosome, women, who have two, will always have an X chromosome that can compensate for the other. These finds were published in the journal “BioEssays.”

The reason women have evolved to have stronger immune systems, according to evolutionists, would be to ensure the survival of the species, however, you don’t have to be a scientist to come up with that conclusion. Why else would women, the child-bearers, be able to have stronger immune systems? In any case, I am sure many women would be glad to hear about this scientific finding.

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muscle woman
muscle woman

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By Monique Jones

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