There is always that “one” that “one” album that is indeed without a doubt “the best to date”. Surly this can said about Blessthefall’s first ever debut LP “His Last Walk” with former frontman Craig Mabbit who brought Blessthefall to the forefront of the music scene before departing to join forces with Escape The Fate in 2008. Blessthefall saw that their time seemed bleak and raw but went onward to release two more albums “Witness” and now their third LP to date “Awakening” seems to fall short of their first release.

The fast grinding guitar structure, powerful heartfelt lyrics, screaming coals are all fun and good filling but the quality that was first used just isn’t present. The music is by far decent to say the least but doesn’t live up to what was once done. The tracks that tend to stick out the most includes “Promised Ones” and “Bottomfeeder” along with “Bones Crew” and “Till the Death of Me” these are the handful of tunes that truly remain to be catchy and rather upbeat while the remaining tunes lack this factor.

Blessthefall’s “Awakening” is indeed decent, but tracing back to the past could have been more appealing.

by: Natalie Perez

Blessthefall Awakening

By nperez

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