“Forever Abomination” is the fourth installment in the Skeletonwitch discography. It is also the first to feature their brand new drummer Dustin Boltjes who replaced former drummer Derrick Nau or what he liked to be called “Mullet Chad”. As such “Forever Abomination” has lived up to its two previous releases “Breathing the Fire” (2009) and “Beyond the Permafrost” (2007). Thus this release exceeds the meaning of “metal”. Guitarist Scott Hedrick says “We live and breathe this shit!” “We tour as much as humanly possible, and when we’re home we write. There’s technically no such thing as ‘time off’ when you’re in The ‘WITCH”. This of course lives up to its full potential when it came to the producer of the album, Matt Hyde his crafting tactics really drove the group to the edge with his monolithic production skills.

As far as “Forever Abomination” goes the guitars are faster and heavier than anything these guys have previously released and the drumming done by Boltjes is superb. Vocally speaking, frontman Chance Garnette has outdone himself yet again with unleashing his inner demons that have done their own bidding if you will. So the vocals are brutal and fierce and take full control throughout this release.

The tracks that stand out the most have to be “Of Ash And Torment”, “Choke Upon Betrayal”, “Rejoice In Misery”, Cleaver Of Souls”, and “Shredding Scared Flesh”, these are by far the most raw and yet flawless efforts the Witch has achieved. The material is truly in your face keeping an excessive amount of beat and energy pulsing through you while you listen.

“Forever Abomination”, takes direction and that direction is going deeper into the bodily depths of hell itself.

by: Natalie Perez

Forever Abomination

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