Hard work, compassion, routine, energy, and music is what makes Stitched Up Heart who they want to be. Frontwomen Mixi takes control of this explosive mix of rock, punk, and metal attitude using it all towards her and the band’s advantages having expanded into much higher grounds than they could ever expect it to reach. Stitched Up Heart will be soon releasing their debut EP “Escape The Nightmare” and have just released a brand new video set to the theme that “The Hills Have Eyes” had. So let their sorrow and pain in the way of Stitched Up Heart!

You guys got your start just last year and yet you’ve already gotten so far ahead it seems what comes to mind?

There has been a lot of hard work that’s gone into this project. We’re pulling all connections we’ve individually made together for the project to progress.

Where does a name like Stitched Up Heart come from and what does it symbolize for you and your band mates?

It’s exactly what it means; a beaten, jaded, and tainted heart that is still striving to live on. All of us have been crushed before and we get back up and sew it back together for another battle.

What about the band members themselves have you had any switch offs getting new members or is everybody original?

Ideally we would love to have all original members but you can’t make people do something they don’t want to do. We don’t fire members but some people feel they want to find their own way or can’t handle all the work. We only wish them the best.

You’ve done promotion for Punky Pets; did they give you any free swag?

Heck yes they did! We love those guys! Ran into them at warped tour and got a bunch of neat key chains and things!

Speaking of promotion, how do you go about promoting Stitched Up Heart?

I’m a bit obsessed with social networking sites. I spends more time on twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Google+ than she does in real life!

How about shows, you’ve obviously done an extensive amount of touring and showcases, you played SXSW, Warped Tour, and just wrapped up the Breaking Heart Strings Tour. Where are you headed next on the map?

We are taking a few months to collect over the winter and most likely will be back on the road come January. New friends, new stories, and new adventures!

Let’s talk about music “Is This the Way You Get to Hell?” and “We’re Alive” were the only tunes available for the listeners out there, what’s up next?

We have an EP that we’ve been only selling at our live shows. Don’t have a release date yet for it but just know it’s coming for you. “Escape The Nightmare”.

You worked with producers Mike Sarkisyan and Tommy Decker for your debut EP “Escape The Nightmare” has that been released?

Haha! I predicted this question!

Tell me about the title “Escape The Nightmare” what “nightmare” are we trying to escape from?

Too many people just do what they are told to do when they get out of school. Get a job, get married, have kids. We are trying to think outside the box and be able to live our dream instead of being stuck in the sad reality of 40hrs a week in a cubicle.

How many songs do you think you had written before this EP ever even got started? Do you see those that didn’t make the cut to make a later release on let’s say your debut full-length?

We still play some of the original songs we decided not to record at our live shows. Maybe we will bring them out one day but we are always writing and get more excited over recording new material than the old stuff.

So are you in the market to getting signed or do you wish to self-release everything or are you unsure?

We are flirting a bit with the labels. We’re always open minded about that stuff. When the time is right, the time is right.

You just shot a video for the song “Is This the Way You Get to Hell?” tell me about it.

It has a “Hills Have Eyes” type theme to it! Blank TV is featuring it at www.blanktv.com. We lucked out and got Eric Mendoza to direct our first video. He is a fresh face to the scene but a gem. Ocean Park films has been doing all of our videos.

What else does Stitched Up Heart have planned for the remainder of this year?

Just cooking up some new stuff for all the touring we will be doing next year!

Thanks for doing the interview, have any last words?

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