Queen Latifah is a rapper, actress, singer, Cover Girl, and now movie mogul. She, her Flavor Unit Entertainment partner Shakim Compere and Eric Tomosunas are producing drama “Percentage,” according to Deadline. Latifah and Compere will also finance the film along with actor/rapper Cam’ron.

The film will star Cam’ron as well as Omar Gooding as two hustlers from New York who are running from a bad drug deal. The two end up in Miami, where they become part of the underworld of credit fraud, which only brings them the feds’ attention as well as the attention of some of Miami’s scariest criminals to run across. Basically, things go from bad to worse for the two guys. The film also stars singer Macy Gray, Ving Rhames, Robert Watson, Antwan Tanner and Malinda Williams. Alex Merkin will direct. The film will make history as being the first film shot on Flavor Unit Studios in Miami.

I’m excited to see how Latifah will flex her muscles as film producer. She’s been successful with everything else she has done, so I have no doubt she’ll be good at this job, too. And, with Latifah stepping in the producing game, it would seem that Hollywood is on its way to leveling out as far as the imbalance of ethnic producers to Caucasian directors are concerned.

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Queen Latifah
Queen Latifah

By Monique Jones

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