I love ketchup, so I’m actually quite excited to hear that Heinz has decided to grace us with a brand new ketchup flavor, and it sounds delicious.

According to The Huffington Post, the new ketchup flavor blends the classic tomato blend with balsamic vinegar, which should be fantastic with fries, burgers, etc. And, if it’s going to be blended with balsamic vinegar, it could also be blended into other foods. Sure, ketchup is used as an ingredient in foods, but just think the amount of bonus flavor that will be added due to the balsamic vinegar!

This is the first time in a decade that there’s a new flavor of ketchup out on the market. However, the company doesn’t plan on advertising the ketchup; instead, they are putting their eggs in the basket of social media to help promote the ketchup, according to The New York Times. Also, the new ketchup is currently available only through the Heinz Ketchup Facebook page starting November 14. In December, the ketchup will then make it to stores, but even then it’ll only be in select stores like Walmart and Safeway for $2.49.

The reviews for the ketchup are already favorable (The Huffington Post also reports that The Telegraph said the ketchup was “genuinely sophisticated,” “elegant” and had “a depth to it.”, so hopefully, this flavor stays with us for a long time!

You can read more about the ketchup here at the Huffington Post. Write what you think about the new flavor in the comments section below.

Ketchup limited edition balsamic vinegar

By Monique Jones

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