Deadline and Entertainment Weekly are reporting some awesome news–“In Living Color” is coming back!

Fox is bringing the iconic early 1990s show back, complete with Keenan Ivory Wayans as the host and executive producer. Reportedly, Fox has ordered two half-hour primetime specials that will air during the midseason with an option for a series order if the ratings for the specials are high.

I sincerely hope the series ratings are good enough for Fox to order an entire season, because television just hasn’t been the same without “In Living Color.” If you grew up with the show, you probably have a thousand reasons to love the show, but here’s a quaint list of 10 (in no certain order):

#1 The launch of the Wayans family entertainment empire: The Wayans are one talented family, and it showed throughout almost all of the seasons of the original “In Living Color,” especially since they made up a good portion of the cast, all of them spearheaded by the seemingly “voice of reason” brother Keenan.


Damon Wayans In Living Color

Okay, so TeenNick has awesome ’90s Nickelodeon shows, “90210” was revived for the 21st century, and now “In Living Color” is going to be coming back to televisions. This begs the question–how much more ’90s stuff are we going to see in the coming years? I’m hoping that maybe Nickelodeon will see it in their hearts to revive “Hey Arnold!” and finally do the Helga Pataki spin-off, or that ABC brings back retro “One Saturday Morning” with the good cartoons like “Reboot,” “Recess,” “Pepper-Ann” and “The Weekenders.” What other ’90s stuff do you want to see back, and are you happy to see the return of “In Living Color”? Sound off in the comments section below.

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By Monique Jones

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