There was a time in 2011 when Michele Bachmann was the frontrunner of the GOP 2012 presidential race. Now, to put it bluntly, she isn’t. According to The Huffington Post, the two leading the GOP pack now are two people no one really ever thought would be at the top–Mitt Romney and Herman Cain.

The Des Moines Register Iowa Poll has revealed that Cain has received 23 percent of the Republican vote while Romney comes in second with 22 percent. Ron Paul–someone else not predicted to be in the top–is in third place with 12 percent.

The candidates bringing up the rear are Bachmann getting 8 percent. Ironically, she was tying with Romney for the lead in June Des Moines Register poll. Newt Ginghrich and Rick Perry–who was also a former frontrunner before Cain–have gotten 7 percent each, with Rick Santorum in dead last with 5 percent.

According to the article, the Register poll results are usually consistent with four other polls of Iowa Voters conducted in October. All of the polls show that Cain and Romney are firmly in the lead.

Personally, I expected for Bachmann not to stay in the lead–right now, it’s just been like musical chairs. There’s never really been a candidate the GOP can firmly get behind.

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Herman Cain

By Monique Jones

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