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Cougar Town Creators To Promote Show Themselves


Cougar Town Creators To Promote Show Themselves

There are a lot of shows on television right now that just can’t seem to get their network’s attention, even with the huge fanbases the shows boast. One good example of such a show is “Community,” a show that has such a devoted following while still being the stepchild on NBC’s lineup. Another such show hovering around stepchild status– ABC’s “Cougar Town.”

The show starring Courtney Cox still hasn’t been given a spot on ABC’s midseason lineup, and the creators of the show have decided that if the network won’t help the show out, they will do it themselves.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Bill Lawrence and Kevin Biegel have started hosting nationwide screenings of “Cougar Town” in order to get the show’s fans to reach out their friends and family and convert them into becoming loyal watchers of the show.

The show has already been screened in Sarasota, Atlanta, Louisville, San Diego and, most recently, Culver City, CA.

Will this publicity tour help the show? Hopefully. Seeing how “Work It” is doing abysmally in the ratings, it’s very probable that something will have to take its place, meaning “Cougar Town” could come back earlier than its expected return in March. However, we’ll just have to see.

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