This episode brought us back to the love story of Snow White and Prince James, or as Snow calls him, “Prince Charming.”

In Fairytale Land, Snow is still living in the woods in order to stay out of the way of the Evil Queen. Red Riding Hood, who brings her food every month, tells Snow that the prince is going to marry Princess Abigail in two days. We also learn that Snow has helped Red get out of a jam–I’m sure we’ll learn what that jam is later on.

Snow reveals to Red that she can’t get James out of her head and wishes that she could because news of his marriage depresses her even more. So Red tells her about Rumpelstiltskin, who can possibly grant her wish. She meets with him and he gives her a potion that will make her forget all about James. The price is simply a few strands of her hair. I’m sure this decision on Snow’s part was a mistake.

Snow later receives a note from James, telling her to meet her at the castle if she really loves him, because he can’t stop thinking about her either and hates the idea of getting married to Abigail. She does go to the castle, only to get caught and thrown in the dungeon. Snow meets Grumpy, a dwarf who knows too well about the perils of love. However, right when all seems lost, another dwarf, Stealthy, breaks them out and attempts to help them to safety. Stealthy, however, gets killed by King George’s guards, and Snow offers herself to King George in order to save Grumpy’s life. The King knows she’s a threat to the well-being of his kingdom (the wedding will unite King George and King Midas’ lands together in prosperity) and tells her to meet James, but only to tell him that she never loved him. If she doesn’t, then James would have to die.

Sadly, Snow agrees to do this. She gives him the note back, though, which leads me to think that she must have written the true story on it. Hopefully so, because James gives up his marriage and escapes the castle, hoping to find Snow, who is currently living with the remaining seven dwarves. The sad thing, though is that the pain of heartbreak became too much for Snow, who drinks the potion after all.

In Storybrooke, Mary Margaret and David are trying to stop meeting each other because even though they want to get rid of their feelings for each other, they can’t. When a lost dove provokes Mary Margaret to find its flock, David goes after her because he fears for her safety–a violent set of thunderstorms have been approaching–and his hunch is correct; Mary Margaret almost dies from slipping from a ledge. They go to an abandoned cabin to wait out the storm, and Mary Margaret reveals to David that she saw David’s wife with a pregnancy test earlier in the day. This seems to throw a wrench in their developing relationship, but later on, David talks with his wife, and she reveals that she thought she was pregnant, but she’s not. This news is what ultimately breaks the camel’s back, because after David tells this to Mary Margaret, they willingly decide to jump head-first into a relationship. Too bad the Mayor has seen them.

More about the mysterious visitor is revealed; he’s a writer, and his wooden box is his typewriter. Is he like or related to the Brothers Grimm, since most of the stories in this show are based on their tales? We’ll have to wait and see.

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Once Upon A Time Episode 10

By Monique Jones

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