Andrew Stanton recently answered questions at a press junket for the new Disney movie, “John Carter.” He said that he was attracted to directing the film due to his love for the book series due to his friends.

“…[Y]eah, I read [The Barsoom novels by Edgar Rice Burroughs] when I was I think 11,” he said. “Ironically I read it like I think the year just before I saw Star Wars and so um, I – you know you read that book and it seems like — you think it’s tailored made for a boy that age. I mean so I think I just got hit with it right, right at the ideal time and…my brothers and I all could draw and we all always would draw all the time.”

Stanton also said that there are big difference between directing an animated film and a live-action one.

“Wow…I would say it really depends on the issue,” he said. “I mean stamina-wise there’s nothing harder than live action. I mean you’re standing and when you’re making a film like this you’re standing in
every kind of weather, been in every kind of environment, for a 100 days. I mean I don’t think you stand when you animate at all. Stand to walk from one room to another and that’s about it….[S]tamina was just huge… [A] lot of people at Pixar asked me after I came back you know ‘What was it like? What was it like?’ And I said, ‘[I]magine every meeting that we have about every issue over the you know three years we’re in production, and shoving – not removing one of them but having them all, all those meetings in six months.”

Disney’s “John Carter” comes to theaters March 9

Written by: Monique Jones

John Carter

By Monique Jones

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