Why does a summer anthem need to be a bubble gum pop song with a chorus entirely consisting of the lyrics, summer, party and love? Why can’t a just as catchy hard rock track become a reigning summer song?

It’s is time to change the rules because Candlelight Red’s “She’s Got The Look” deserves to dethrone one of Pitbull’s many “305” songs. Consisting of vocalist, Ryan Hoke, guitarist and vocalist, Jeremy Edge, bassist and vocalist, Jamie Morral and drummer, Josh Hetrick, Candelight Red released the infectious tune back in 2011, off of their debut album, “The Wreckage”, but recently the outfit released a new music video for “She’s Got The Look”. The plot of the video is pleasantly simple and relatable, a lonely teen boy dreams of finding a girl, but the girl actually ends up finding him instead. Oh, the irony of love. Let us remind you that it is a hard rock song, so this story takes place in scenes that could be right out of a horror movie.

Candlelight Red is currently on a summer tour with Crossfade and will be making an appearance on the Rockstar Energy Uproar Fest. Head on over to the band’s official site to check out their upcoming dates.

Swap your cheesy summer jam for something hauntingly original, like “She’s Got The Look”.

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