Longtime singer Tone Loc has collapsed once again. The forty-six year old rapper was performing at a show in Austin, Texas this past June 15th when he fell to the ground during his performance on stage at The Moody Theater and had to be assisted off, as confirmed by BET. Loc did however come back to the stage after a brief 30 minute break. The incident was said to be due to heat exhaustion. The ‘Wild Thing’ star is currently committed to several shows and has since said to be in good health to continue with no news of cancellations so far.

This isn’t the first time rapper Tone Loc has collapsed during one of his shows while performing. Tone Loc has previously said to have experienced heat exhaustion, but several sources say otherwise, stating that the artist is actually suffering from seizures with his manager covering things up for him. Since his incident this past Friday night, the singer is said to be “doing well”. His previous incidents occurred during a performance in Georgia last year, as well as Florida in 2009. Following his Friday night scare Loc performed during another scheduled Texas concert and did not suffer from any issues.

Tone Loc

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